Dreamfruit 2020

Dreams from a Future Past : Warp and Weft Podcast

I had a great time on Allison Carr's Warp and Weft podcast talking about the wild dream that has been 2020 and peeking through the keyhole into 2021. I really think you'll love listening to it. Let me know what you think, and of course we will be diving into much much more at our 4th annual Create Your New Year: Astrology and Creative Magic workshop on the January 9, 2021. "Writing Dreamfruit is like being visited by a time-traveling Fairy Godmother. She visits and says:'This is how we made it to a regenerative world. Here is what we did during that Moon.' And so that's really what Dreamfruit is -- an imagined pathway to a world we all want to be possible and our hearts know is possible. It's sort of a collaborative project with the beings of the future and the ancestors and the more-than-human weave." https://open.spotify.com/episode/53LcPNS5hiRYnIWOX7GDri?si=Mam7HXnnQHCQvT_ETdLH5A

Let empathy make you strong

In the dream of the Alchemy Moon, we gingerly step into the wounded landscape. The trees are burned, the soil is fragile, and sensitive hands pour water on the ground, letting empathy be the song of renewal.

art by Kevin Peterson

2020: Creating Space at the Crossroads

This is the year we discover a third point in the equation--one that allows us to break out of the paradigm of us and them and either/or, and forge a path toward the collective and greater good. Now we can see with sharp clarity the unifying synthesis of the stories that have been playing themselves out

Welcome to Dreamfruit! (video guided tour)

See inside the Dreamfruit Almanac with a guided tour. Five videos explore the Dreamfruit flow, monthly spreads, how it all works, and all of the extras built into this magical tour of the year.

The Dreamfruit Flow

The monthly sections of Dreamfruit are designed to flow together over the course of each lunar cycle. Starting with the "dream from the future" at the New Moon and ending with a "ritual of belonging" as the month closes, this video shows how all of the elements flow together.

Dreamfruit Guided Tour – How it Works

Check out this Guided Tour through some of the basic features of this unique planner, along with sample pages from my own copy. This video looks at what makes Dreamfruit 2020 interactive, and how it's different from a traditional almanac.

First Look Inside Dreamfruit

Here is a look inside the pages of this lunar planner. As an almanac, Dreamfruit provides year-round information about the lunar cycles. In this video, you get to see how the monthly sections are laid out to support your day-to-day engagement with the wider cycles of life.