The future is asking us to slow down and listen, and to make careful and deliberate choices. The future needs us to see ourselves and the world with new eyes, to be in love and in service to life.


What will the world be like–and what choices will we make–as we grow more and more aware of our interconnectedness with all of nature? Our opportunity is to revive and act with the authority of the ancient, unbroken bond between ourselves and the living body of earth.


For more years than I care to remember, my love for this world expressed itself through break-your-heart, break-your-life activism–the kind that chews up and spits out entire generations at a time.


It took a lot of deep diving and self-honesty to realize that I am far more powerful and authentic when I can acknowledge and move through the guilt, urgency and fear that drives so much of activist culture, and enter a playful, creative and biophilic state (biophilia is the love of nature and all living things). All of my offerings are informed by this approach.

Lineage and Influence

In addition to my own natural path as an ecofeminist and witch, I’ve been inspired and informed by the work of many teachers & friends, including Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, Barbara Dilley’s Contemplative Dance Practice, Lee Worley and the practice of Mudra Space Awareness, Authentic Movement, Cascadia Quest’s wilderness-based rites of passage, Sherri Mitchell’s Sacred Instructions, and the Dharma Art teachings.

Our greatest good right now is served by projects, people, structures and experiences that awaken our ingenuity, compassion, authenticity and embodied presence in the world. I’ve been honored to convene many different creative and community projects over the years, including a life-changing women’s circle and intentional community; the Center for Sustainable Living; Gaia’s Witness Pilgrimage Project; Be Space studio; and the annual Life Art Being Integrative Arts festival & Planetary Dance.



I am pleased to welcome you to the world of Dreamfruit! Among other things, Dreamfruit is an interactive almanac, published annually, designed to bring you into a greater sense of connection with our common humanity and the living Earth. I call this sense of connection radical belonging. A great many of us feel ‘orphaned’ from our planet home, and have forgotten our natural inheritance as a fundamental part of the larger organism of Gaia.


Dreamfruit is a collection of dreams, a lunar planner, the story of now, and much more. The annual almanac offers a monthly planner with timely & specific information about the deep undercurrents of our collective journey. Each month includes lovingly crafted questions and creative prompts intended to call you back into the circle of life as an engaged, co-creative cell in the living body of earth.


This restored sense of belonging, of becoming agents of conscious cahoots with the more-than-human world, is a vital ingredient in the Great Turning and our recovery from the effects of separation from each other and the earth.




I opened Be Space in 2012 in Portland, Oregon to experiment with what I call ‘integrative arts’ as a means of restoring sovereignty to the personal & collective earth/body/mind through creative, embodied, and contemplative play.


I was honored to curate, host, and direct the Be Space studio for the years I did. I’m aware, more than ever, of the privilege it was to gather in that magical studio week after week. Even at the time, I remember speculating that there would come a point when gathering in person would be viewed as a rare privilege and that society would eventually place a premium on group activities like the ones we shared. Those were grace years during which we could practice genuinely connecting, growing community, and co-creating new culture.


Through the years, we have grown together as a community and in 2018 let go of our permanent studio location. Be Space has become a growing community of heartful, artful, playful and dedicated beings. We gather throughout the month in the virtual studio for special online events like the 2022 Dreamfruit Magical Moon Tour, the New Moon Café, ongoing conversations, creative offerings and other inspirations.

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I love hosting and guiding meaningful gatherings, and consider it an honor to share space and time with our community. Whether it’s the Planetary Dance, a Tarot High Tea, the Blue Dragon Ball, or simple talking/listening circles, there’s no question that we are enriched by coming together for face-to-face connection. 


For now, all of the in-person offerings are on pause. When we are able to safely gather, I lead regular practice groups in Deep Play (Contemplative Dance Practice) and The Work that Reconnects. I am also delighted to partner up with Ted Owen of Aluna Music Therapy for occasional Full Moon Drum Circles.


Other offerings throughout the year include small Authentic Movement groups, and Hands-On Astrology workshops with Stephanie Shea of Cardinal Fire Astrology. Look for us in Portland, Eugene, and online each January for our truly special Create Your New Year workshop. 


Keep in touch for other events as they bubble up. I would love to connect with you in person!