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The living Earth is imperiled, and
our creative nature is rising up.
How do you protect what you love?
Is there a dream you need to remember?
Which skills and tools are ready for use?


In times of uncertainty, we find ourselves in the liminal space of no-longer and not-yet. The opportunity within Dreamfruit is to let the wisdom of the imaginal realm become a practical tool of transformation. Here, we enter a shared dream and allow it to work through us.


Dreamfruit serves as a friendly reminder that your days are held within something much greater than your personal human experience. Equal parts lunar planner, guided journal, and imaginarium, Dreamfruit is filled with esoterica, functionality, loving guidance, and real-world context.

Each year is a story unfolding

If Dreamfruit were a land, it would have a long silver coastline with morning mists and a sea-gray sunrise. There would be a small trust of women in scarlet robes walking the early morning shoreline. They sing as they step barefoot through the cold wet foam. They sing to the pebbles and bits of bone cast like runes across the sand. They toss the song to and fro, each adding the next verse to create a living record of the dawn and the changes the night has brought to shore.


Dreamfruit is a call and response, a form of echolocation. It is how we know who and where we are in relation to the times at hand. It is how we measure the changes and read the runes — it is an augury, Moon by Moon.

“Yours is the first journal I have tried that has offered me the format, inspiration, and space to capture what is really happening in my inner life and outer activism. I find myself returning to this journal at the close of each day…”

~ Martha O’Hehir, Deep Times Journal

What if, prior to any undertaking, we first paused to acknowledge the shared context of this time on Earth?


At the time of this writing, the world’s forests are burning, our beloved creature kin are disappearing from the earth, and many of us are transfixed in a state of collective shock and dismay.


As much as you are able in these times, it is hoped that you are willing to return to awareness of this context — not to become lost in the suffering of it, but to enter into your days with eyes open, to be reminded that you are part of this world and in love with it.


This is what is meant when we speak of Radical Belonging. Dreamfruit is an invitation for you to find your way back to a sense of radical interrelatedness with the world.

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Dreamfruit is a collection of dreams, a lunar planner, the story of now, and much more. The almanac offers a monthly planner with timely & specific information about the deep undercurrents of our collective journey.


Although each solar year on earth is shaped by thirteen lunar cycles or moons, the ways we have measured time have removed that essential guidepost from our perception. The linear calendar that we’ve all used for so long hovers above the natural world as an arbitrary and conceptual series of months and days. The impact on our worldview cannot be overstated — time has become something “other” to either control or be controlled by.


To break the false spell of linear time and to foster an embodied sense of our life experience, Dreamfruit is organized as a lunar planner. Approaching the landscape of the year this way can call you back into the circle of life as an engaged, co-creative cell in the living body of Earth.


This restored sense of belonging, of being in conscious cahoots with the more-than-human world, is a vital ingredient in the Great Turning and our recovery from the effects of separation from each other and the earth.


Everything about Dreamfruit helps me stay more in rhythm with the cycles of our life here on earth… Taking each day from the perspective of where we are in the lunar month helps me ride the grace that is embedded in ‘earth time.’ 

~ Martha O’Hehir, Deep Times Journal



Despite the widespread worldview of humans as a lonely creature perched on top of a round rock in space, the reality is that we are not alive and alone inside a human world with nature as a backdrop…unless we choose to be. Our perception is quickly and radically shifting to understand that we are but one relative in a circle of relations.


The urgent call of our time is to let this relational view humble us. Recalibrated to the hum of life around, within, and through us, we are awakening again to the co-arising Weave. As we return to an integrated worldview, a sense of playful animism can emerge. We are co-creating with everything, and can choose to be agents of generative serendipity for the health and benefit of all life.


With this in mind, each monthly section of Dreamfruit is accompanied by a magical ally. Allies are here to impart an animistic and non-verbal layer of insight. Ideally their presence conjures a feeling of support from the imaginal realm. Through an animistic lens, an ally is a being, support or friend with whom we share a common purpose. The bond can be brief or enduring. In Dreamfruit, allies can be creatures, words, images, or other unexpected friends who bring their own magic to the task at hand.


“Dreamfruit offers a whole new-but-familiar landscape with its own language that perhaps we all once knew, but have forgotten. It is not just a book. It becomes a living companion…”

~ Melanie Gurley, Beautiful Astrology

repatterning moon


As humans, we have at our disposal potent technologies of recovery that are part of our evolutionary inheritance — love, wonder, imagination, dreams, ceremony, truth-telling, body wisdom, systems of divination, and play. While these birthright tools have been given short shrift or relegated to novelty in our cultural matrix, their transformative powers are in fact vastly underrated.


The Earth speaks to us in the language of dream and symbol. You can imagine yourself moving through Dreamfruit as a storied landscape, alive with its own cultural norms, characters, and magics. Each of the thirteen “Dreams from the Future” animates the themes of the time and gives the psyche a narrative of transformation. These dreams can be read as missives from a future being or from the collective dream to help you conceive a path forward through the particular terrain of the time.


The dreams, exhortations, and seed questions woven throughout the Dreamfruit Almanac serve as monthly prompts to activate your deeper creative nature as a means of awakening new modes of understanding and insight.

Dreamfruit is a stabilizing and renewing gift during these unique and challenging times…it has been my soothing balm. I reach for it when I need direction or solace, and always find myself pleasantly lost in another world.”

~ L. Quintanilla, Portland, Oregon

Watch the Dreamfruit videos for a look inside.