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Elemental intelligence

As human beings, we have the inborn capacity to be in direct relationship with the elemental intelligence of Fire. This excerpt from the New Moon Cafe, September 2020, invites us to consider ways to learn from this vital force of nature.

listening to the Fire

“Fire is a great, if harsh teacher. We ignore her lessons at our peril. Learn them, and we might just survive to make a less harsh, more caring and balanced world.” ~ Starhawk

Welcome to Dreamfruit! (video guided tour)

See inside the Dreamfruit Almanac with a guided tour. Five videos explore the Dreamfruit flow, monthly spreads, how it all works, and all of the extras built into this magical tour of the year.

My Silent Teacher: the past knows more than we think

We walked for days and weeks, past rampant wildfires in Montana and gridlocked interstates in California. We practiced Tonglen. We slept in cemeteries and on beaches, listening to our dreams and painting and dancing and storytelling our way toward something that could feel honest and real about our world.

Radical Love Story

Throughout 2019, we are being called back into love with our world and with each other. The situation on planet earth is dire, and the pain we feel is rooted in love. We would not be experiencing such grief at the plight of the forests, the creatures, and the climate itself if we did not on some level remember that this is also our plight and that we are, at the radical foundation of it all, the earth's own desire to live.

Empower the Small

As humans, we have an evolutionary inheritance and vital function in the larger life of our planet Earth. Here is a snippet from the April 2019 New Moon Cafe to remind you of your beautiful and sacred contract. This is our time to grow more deeply dedicated and honest in our lives.

Join us for Deep Play!

International Contemplative Dance Practice Day Tuesday March 13, 2018, 6:00 - 9:00 pm Leaven Community, 5431 NE 20th Avenue, Portland, OR  97211   Facilitated by Damaris Webb and members of the Portland Play Pod from Be Space Open to all interested in creative physical expression, this workshop is intended to support a wholesome way of being an artist in the world while strengthening our internal compositional eye. Yielding to deep play, we evoke our individual kinesthetic delight with an awareness of the group, showing us a path to manifesting spacious, confident and balanced improvisational performance.   This event is FREE (donations gratefully accepted) and open to the public, PLEASE email to register so we know you plan to attend!