2021 Dreamfruit Almanac — basic paperback edition

Interactive Almanac for Radical Belonging
*basic perfectbound edition*


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NOTE: This is the Basic Edition — perfectbound.

“Offers a window to the liminal space

where dreams are born into activism.”

-Martha O’Hehir, Deep Times Journal

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The basic edition is perfectbound and beautifully printed on 70 pound paper with color detail.
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Features include:

  • Calendar and planning pages for thirteen lunar months
  • Dreams and messages ‘from the Weave’ for each month
  • Notes from the Field section with unique creative prompts
  • Elements of Belonging monthly ritual
  • Meta-Story and Overview of 2021
  • Annual Mandala of Belonging
  • Map of Planetary Movements
  • and more!


Dreamfruit is an interactive almanac for radical belonging, broken down into 13 lunar months. Traditionally, an almanac is a friendly reference book composed of various lists, tables, and brief articles relating to a particular area of interest; a yearly calendar showing the movement of the sun, the changes of the moon, and other seasonal data.


Each month opens with a “Dream from the Future” and includes creative prompts and a magical ally to aid you in navigating the unique spirit of that lunar month. Plenty of space to create, draw, write and let your imagination flow. All designed to guide you back to the wider circle of life and its natural intelligence.


If you’re nourished by creativity, spiritual ecology, myth, the intelligent cosmos, truth-telling, imagination, and heartful activism then Dreamfruit will be a treasured companion and compassionate support.


The thing I love most about Elizabeth’s work is that it is not just some ‘good idea’ she had and is tossing around like fast food fries. Her utter care and intention come through in every detail of this whole world she has pulled into being, whose ideas are fully metabolized and offered as a gift of service, in a cohesive, accessible whole. No matter when you pick up this gem, it is the right time. From the offered allies to the reflective invitations, from the exhortations to the wisdom from the weave: every where you turn, there is genuine care for your being and belonging. Dreamfruit offers a whole new-but-familiar landscape with it’s own language that perhaps we all once knew, but have forgotten it. It is not just a book. It becomes a living companion when met with open hands and a curious heart.
~Melanie Gurley, Beautiful Astrology
(check out Melanie’s podcast with a conversation about Dreamfruit at this link.)


Dreamfruit 2020 is a stabilizing and renewing gift during these unique and challenging times. Elizabeth Russell’s interactive almanac invites you on a journey with the outer and inner worlds. Guided by uncomplicated astrology, Dreamfruit offers moments for artistic expression, readings of ancient wisdom, sparks of joy; all in one beautiful place. Dreamfruit has been my soothing balm. I reach for it when I need direction or solace, and always find myself pleasantly lost in another world. I’m grateful to Elizabeth for releasing her wildly creative spirit into the world when we so desperately need to share our healing energies.
~ L. Quintanilla


Yours is the first journal I have tried (out of 5 different and great publications that I have tried to use in the past 4 years!) that has offered me the format and inspiration and spaces to capture what is really happening in my inner life and outer activism. I find myself returning to this journal at the close of each day…Everything about it helps me stay more in rhythm with the cycles of our life here on earth, and especially now, taking each day from the perspective of where we are in the lunar month helps me ride the grace that is embedded in “earth time.”
-Martha O.


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*Not for technical astrological reference. Included are eclipses, full and new moon signs, solar and planetary ingresses and stations. Dates are based on Pacific Time Zone.


Available on backorder