Dreamfruit Moon Guide — Spring 2021


Spring 2021
Moon Magic and Astro-Tracking

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You can read my story about learning to trust the moon and finally creating the Dreamfruit Moon Guide at this link.


The Spring 2021 guide includes the lunar calendars, writing prompts, and themes
the three lunar cycles beginning April 10 through July 8, 2021


Perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their apprenticeship to the moon in all her facets. The Moon Guide is also a great way to dip your toe into the world of Dreamfruit for a season.


The Dreamfruit Moon Guide offers you a full orientation to the Moon’s magic, following Luna through her phases, astrological signs, and elements, PLUS detailed astrological moon data.


Each Moon Guide is made to order, and ships with your very own copy of the Exhortations from the Future chapbook, the thirteen individual moon messages for 2021.

. Overview of 2021: Frequency of Wholeness
. Lunar calendars for the three moons of the season
. Moon ceremonies and journal prompts
. Moon through the phases, astrological signs, and elements
. Ingress and void of course times
. Full and new moon exact time and degree


*Calendar includes sabbats for the Wheel of the Year, eclipses, full/new moon degree and sign, planetary ingresses and stations, daily astrological moon data. Times are based on Pacific Time Zone.


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