The Dreaming Wheel monthly zine

Lunar forecast and creative prompts delivered to your inbox each new moon.

$5.23 / month with a 30-day free trial

Get lunar forecasts and creative prompts delivered to your inbox each new moon.

Each month, this unique digital zine includes an exclusive mini-workbook download, themes for the month, along with journal prompts, musical accompaniment and so much more.

What’s a Zine? (pronounced ‘zeen’)
Zines have been around for almost a hundred years, but they have shown themselves to be profound cultural influencers at different points in our social history. An explosion of zines in the 1990s shaped an entire generation of feminists, underground witches, performance artists, intentional communities, eco-activists and other powerful countercultural movements. Amazing to think such a small thing could wield such a mighty cultural force.
Here is the definition taken from Webster’s: “a homemade or online publication usually devoted to unconventional subject matter.”

The Dreaming Wheel is filled with monthly enchantments drawn from the world of Dreamfruit, designed to activate creative responses to the changes and challenges of our time.

A flexible alternative to the printed Dreamfruit 2023 Almanac for Earthlings, subscribers gain access to much of the same content as published in the annual planner. Ideal for radical dreamers, ecofeminists, asto-nerds, and anyone who is Dreamfruit-curious.

⭐️ Special Offer ⭐️

For a limited time, new subscribers will receive the Dreamfruit 2023 mini-workbook.
This special welcome gift includes imaginative playsheets to find your North Star and word for the year, the annual Mandala of Belonging, creative prompts and insights into the themes for 2023 and more!

$5.23 / month with a 30-day free trial