Dreamfruit Monthly Download


Want to dip in to the world of Dreamfruit from time to time?  You can download just the pages unique to the current lunar month.

If you don’t have the whole Dreamfruit 2020 Almanac, but still want to dip in from time to time, you can get just the pages for a single month.

The PDF includes an introduction and overview of Dreamfruit 2020 (including the four core assumptions) as well as all six pages unique to the current lunar month. With this download, you receive:

  • the 2-page lunar calendar beginning with the new moon;
  • the Dream and Exhortation for the month;
  • messages & guidance ‘From the Weave’;
  • creative prompts unique to this particular cycle of time;
  • Altar of Mystery;
  • monthly closing ritual through the Elements of Belonging.