Dreamfruit 2023 Almanac – Luxe Art Journal edition

Almanac for Earthlings
Luxe Art Journal Edition — just 200 printed

A moon-based astrological planner, guided journal, & personal imaginarium for a regenerative future.


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The premium art journal edition includes all of the essential content of the Dreamfruit Almanac PLUS heavy pen-tested paper stock (ready for gesso, collage and more), spiral binding, monthly inserts and fold-out Altar of Mystery page. Each copy is printed on premium stock and hand-gathered.


Step into the world of Dreamfruit, a personal planner and magical moon book on a mission to activate creative responses to the changes and challenges of our time.

Cleverly disguised as a lunar calendar and guided journal, the Dreamfruit 2023 Almanac for Earthlings is an eco-spiritual travel guide that tells the collective story for 2023.


Our story begins at a moment when the living Earth has been imperiled, and our creative nature is rising up. As a traveler through the Dreamfruit landscape, you are an earthling-in-training on a journey to return to radical belonging.


The Dreamfruit story unfolds in thirteen enchanted chapters, told one moon at a time to reveal a symbolic map that guides you through the year.


  • Comprehensive moon-based 2023 calendar draws the power of nature’s own cycles into your day-to-day planning.
  • Astrological information includes the moon through the signs, planetary ingresses, retrogrades, eclipses, and more.
  • Monthly journal prompts, creative reverie, and timely advice to awaken your deep imagination and inspire a regenerative future.


A trusted travel companion for your journey through 2023!


Features include:

  • Detailed calendar and planning pages for thirteen lunar months plus thirteen “moon wheels” showing each lunation’s calendar at-a-glance
  • Hope punk story told in thirteen monthly chapters gives guidance through the terrain of 2023
  • Journal prompts, dream journeys, and creative space to write, draw, and track your journey moon by moon
  • Daily practices to connect with the Earth, Moon, and spirit of Nature
  • Interactive worksheets to orient you to the themes of 2023 and invite creative reflection on your assets, challenges, and direction for the year ahead
  • Expanded compendium provides thorough exploration of the moon’s phases, signs, and elements; a discussion of the zodiac through the lens of the Great Turning; astrologically timed climate and earth-healing actions; and much more


Dreamfruit 2023 Almanac for Earthlings is designed to guide you into the wider circle of life and its natural intelligence.

A treasured companion for cultural creatives seeking to rewild the imaginal landscape.


*Astrological details include eclipses, full and new moon degree and time, moon through the signs and void-of-course times, sabbats, planetary ingresses and retrogrades. Dates are based on Pacific Time Zone.


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