chapbook of monthly musings – the 2022 Exhortations


the 2022 Dreamfruit Exhortations chapbook

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This chapbook collects the core of the Dreamfruit Almanac into a pocket-sized companion that can be easily shared and carried in your backpack for chance reading or for monthly ceremony. A very sweet gift!


The thirteen dreams in this book present a mythic journey through the unique landscape of 2022. They were written as a way to engage dream logic to map the terrain for this year.


The dreams are synthesized from many strands of insight — including traditional astrological symbols for each new moon’s degree in 2022, the seasonal energies alive at the time, the global issues & context we find ourselves in, and my own magical paths of knowing.


These dreams and exhortations tap the visionary parts of our awareness in order to restore a sense of belonging with the living Earth. Anyone longing to return to a natural state of relatedness within the circle of life is likely to find in this collection an imagined pathway well worth following.





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