New Moon Café – June 29th

Enter a magic circle and get centered in the energies of now.  


In this special workshop, we look at the unique themes and “weather” of the upcoming lunation, and then ‘enter the dream’ with a blend of guided journey, meditation, writing, and other creative prompts. ⁠ 


“Brute force is not the solution — nor brute thinking.
Power now rests in your ability to dream and bond with Earth.”
~ from Dreamfruit 2022, Conversion Moon


What does it mean to be ‘civilized’?
What wild guide can help you grow as an Earthling?




In Dreamfruit, the Conversion Moon is a time when the lines between yourself and the body of Earth become blurred. As Alice discovered in wonderland, things become “curiouser and curiouser!”.


We’ll ‘enter the dream’ together with a blend of guided journey and other prompts to prepare your wild imagination for the upcoming lunation.


We’ll have a 30 minute deep dive into the themes, and then we’ll formally close the recording and have some time for optional personal sharing and community connection.

I’ll send out the recording within 24 hours for anyone who can’t attend live. You can also purchase the recording anytime.


*A copy of your own Almanac is not required to participate, but if you do want one, you can order the 2022 edition (on Clearance!) at


from the Dreamfruit Glossary
The Wyrd. In Norse mythology, the wyrd refers to something that is fated or bound to occur. Despite the modern illusion of separateness from the body of Gaia, we are on a trajectory of remembering our unbroken bond. Breaking open a calcified identity is sure to feel weird and strange. Being willing to surprise ourselves will advance the cause tremendously.