New Moon Café – Oct. 26th


Enter a magic circle and get centered in the energies of now.  


In this special workshop, we look at the unique themes and “weather” of the upcoming lunation, and then ‘enter the dream’ with a blend of guided journey, meditation, writing, and other creative prompts. ⁠ 

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“It could be said that the bridge is either collapsing beneath us, or being made as we walk together, in the long twilight hours when one civilization gives way to another.”  ~ Geneen Marie Haugen




Get the audio and video recording of this exploration of magical synergy in this month’s New Moon Cafe. This call activates the tools and leadership you are already carrying and that the world is ready to receive.


The eleventh lunar cycle of 2022 is known in Dreamfruit as the Synergy Moon. It’s a moment to realize the co-creative power of helpfulness.


Using the Dreamfruit Almanac* and our own creative intelligence to guide us, we tune in to the ways we are personally and collectively resonating with the liminal currents. 


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