Dreamteam Circle – Fall 2021 quarterly membership


Enter the world of Dreamfruit with spirited intent! Members become travel companions, sharing the journey through the terrain of the season.

Includes New Moon Cafe and exclusive Full Moon group calls.

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Enrollment for the Fall Circle is now open!

Three months, $99


Dreamteam Circles are a rich way to enter the world of Dreamfruit with spirited intent. Members become travel companions, sharing the journey through the terrain of either a single season or the whole year.


Each Dreamteam Circle explores the year’s themes by way of:

  • monthly New Moon Cafe – group call to enter into the dream of the upcoming month (also open to non-members).
  • exclusive Full Moon Councils – conspire with fellow travelers in timely musings and creative sharing on the month’s themes.
  • special member offers – discounts, first look at new products, guest events, and more!


What I have loved over these years of hosting the New Moon Cafe is the consistency of seeing our community face-to-face, getting familiar with one another over time, the ease with which anyone can drop in and feel as closely or spaciously connected as they choose, and the warmth and welcoming energy that has grown quite naturally into our circle.


With the Circle membership, you can relax into knowing that you’ll be along for the ride all season long; and we’ll all get to know who we are traveling with.


Memberships operate in ‘pods’ of no more than eighteen humans each. These pods overlap with the larger community at the New Moon Cafe, but have their own dedicated Full Moon Councils for the whole season. My commitment is to hold a space that allows you to feel supported in community and also gives the option of connecting more personally in the Full Moon Councils.


Dates for 2021 Circles

Winter: January 12 to March 28, 2021  

Spring: April 10 to June 24, 2021 

Summer: July 7 to September 20, 2021 

Fall: October 3 to December 31, 2021  now enrolling!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about the Circle in 2022!


*note re: New Moon Cafe . . . Non-members are always welcome to attend the New Moon Cafe a la carte, either in person or via time travel through the recording. The New Moon Cafe can be enjoyed as a monthly ritual that stands on its own, or as a supplement to the Dreamfruit Interactive Almanac.