Dear Earthlings writing coven

Join me in an enchanted space of journal magic and circle-weaving. 

Gather with other visionaries and creatives for a series of moon-based journaling rituals in a sacred and inspiring virtual circle . . .  

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Join me in an enchanted space for journal magic and circle-weaving. 

Dear Earthlings writing coven & lunar council 

Gather with other visionaries and creatives for a series of moon-based journaling rituals in a sacred and inspiring virtual circle . . .   We’ll use Dreamfruit™ as our framework for awakening our inborn creative powers and diving into the themes of this year and beyond.

Each individual lunar cycle brings its own particular flavor and imaginal task; while the overarching journey – the through line – of the year guides us from the outworn spell of separation to our birthright state of Radical Belonging.  

  • Dear Earthlings is a love letter and a wild vow to the spirit of Nature.  
  • Dear Earthlings exists to stir the power of your deep imagination toward a humanearth vision. 
  • Each month, Dear Earthlings gather to strengthen our connection with the living Earth through invocational musings, frolicsome reverie and the magic wand of our words. 
  • Step onto the path through the moons and seasons ahead in the plucky companionship of kindred travelers.  


This is a journey through the moons of the year, including the New Moon Cafe magical briefing, Dreamfruit Jam, and a series of moon-based journaling rituals. Available in a renewable three-month commitment ($168 per 3-month cycle, join anytime).

Each month begins in the New Moon Cafe with a 30-minute magical briefing and guided journey. (No worries if you can’t attend live. The recording is made available throughout the month). The New Moon Cafe is followed by a free Dreamfruit Jam where we lovingly lay the altar for the month in our Dreamfruit journals – an hour of shared creative time in our virtual living room.

As the moon moves through its cycle and begins to wane, we gather again for a conjuring in the form of a two-hour writing ritual. We’ll explore our elemental bonds with Earth, Fire, Water and Air through incantations to the wild magic. Other magical acts will touch on sacred attention, wild empathy, embodiment, deep imagination, magical allies and lunar power.  Members of Dear Earthlings also receive an exclusive seasonal invitation to gather at the sacred fire in virtual circle. These lunar councils form the warp and weft of our emergent culture, where we listen and learn from each other, comparing notes from the field, and fortifying a regenerative vision for our world. 

Upcoming dates are listed in the graphic here and will be updated throughout the year. Discover the power of the deep imagination to guide and heal your birthright connection with the spirit of Nature. The monthly lessons, prompts and community space allow ample time for tuning in, listening deeply, and creating from the heart.    

This journey of Radical Belonging is for you if you would like to:

  • Gather with others in a safe, sacred, intimate, supportive on-line space  
  • Create an ongoing practice of attunement and deep listening to the wisdom of the Moon and natural cycles of time
  • Discover empathy for the more-than-human world along with self-compassion in the midst of the significant challenges of this time on Earth
  • Begin or continue a journey of speaking from your inner wisdom 
  • Learn more about the moon’s cycles and how they affect you personally 
  • Deepen your connection to natural earth rhythms and love for Mother Earth  
  • Become enchanted with the astro-poetic language of the Moon through the zodiac to expand your capacity for dialogue with the living cosmos  

We are alive together in a unique and fraught time of change and possibility. It is vital that we find ways to pause and reflect on our relationship with the larger world. Dear Earthlings is dedicated time for you to quiet the mind and listen to your own creative voice. Not only is this voice your truest guide through the terrain ahead, it is part of the crucial medicine of this time on Earth.  

What is the Earth dreaming through you?

What is your unique purpose and niche in the ecology of now? 

  *Note: All writing sessions are recorded and made available via private link in case you have to miss a live session. Other sessions may or may not be recorded, depending on group preference. New Moon Cafe meets at 10:30am Pacific Time. Writing Rituals are from 4:30 – 6:30 pm Pacific Time. Lunar Councils are held on a Saturday each season from 10:00 am – noon Pacific Time.

Yes! This container is held as an ongoing series, offered in renewable 3-month commitments. You can enroll anytime!

$168.00 every 3 months

Out of stock