RECORDING: Create Your New Year, Astrology and Creative Magic for 2021



Join Elizabeth and Stephanie for a special creative astrology workshop to begin the new year.

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Create Your New Year:
Astrology and Creative Magic for 2021


Dive into the new year with this experiential overview of 2021’s astrology.


Join Jan Spiller Astrology’s Chief Astrologer, Stephanie Shea and co-host Elizabeth Russell, creator of Dreamfruit Almanac, to calibrate your inner compass for 2021!


In this 3-hour recorded workshop, we outline key planetary aspects, movements, and retrograde cycles to help you make the most of 2021’s astrological energies. Learn the best time to move forward, the best time for change, and see the big picture to help you keep perspective.


We activate the energies of the year ahead with some creative magic and intention-setting, and everyone leaves with something special they’ve created to remind them of their 2021 intentions.


Calibrate your inner compass to make the most of the upcoming astrological influences. Set your course for the year ahead!

Recorded on Saturday January 9th, 2021.


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