On June 3, 2019

Radical Love Story

Throughout 2019, we are being called back into love with our world and with each other. The situation on planet earth is dire, and the pain we feel is rooted in love. We would not be experiencing such grief at the plight of the forests, the creatures, and the climate itself if we did not on some level remember that this is also our plight and that we are, at the radical foundation of it all, the earth’s own desire to live.

About the author 

Cultivating the capacity to be with our experience while being authentic and generous in our expression is my greatest joy.

The process of recovering our authentic expression and conscious embodiment can be liberating and terrifying. I think it can also be actual fun. This journey belongs to all of us regardless of our experience with, or even interest in, the arts. And it is a journey that life invites us to make again and again.

I feel strongly that the expressive arts are a democratic, pedestrian and crucial domain. The conviction that these tools or ‘magical technologies’ can deliver us to our humanity, our inherent connectedness, and a multi-dimensional presence is my primary motivation for creating Be Space.

I founded and directed the Center for Sustainable Living in Columbia Missouri in the 1990s, and received a degree in Performance & Movement Studies from Naropa University in 2000. During my time at Naropa I learned a quiet trust in the moment, and discovered generosity in performance. For those years I was privileged to practice with many great teachers, including Barbara Dilley, Lee Worley, Mark Miller, Paul Oertel, and Annie Brook. I began a discovery of my own somatic intelligence through concentrated study in Mudra Space Awareness, Body-Mind Centering, Contemplative Dance Practice, and Authentic Movement.

In the years since, I’ve deepened my body-mind practice with Mary Lou Seereiter, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and other movement mavens; my deep earth love with Joanna Macy; the Shambhala Arts with Lisa Stanley; and Motion Theater with Nina Wise.
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Chapter 01

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