Little Library at Be Space

A beautiful day in Portland -- enjoying a moment of sunshine on my front steps. This is just a quick post to share with you our newest addition. Our Little Free Library is officially open. This tiny bookhouse is now mounted right outside the Be Space door and loaded with books. If you'd like to take one or leave one, please do so anytime. We are happy to be providing something sweet for our neighbors & community. Little Free Libraries have been popping up everywhere for awhile, and I have long wished to steward one. Tiny wishes come true!

doing without knowing

We ache for the creative magic of cultural exchange which all but evaporates in the heat of the known. Reassurance comes in small packages -- an article about the understated release of Joss Whedon's surprise movie "Much Ado About Nothing", and a Naropa moment with Wendell Beavers about doing without knowing. Look! my business plan for Be Space! It has felt important in these early months to allow Be Space to introduce itself organically, with watchwords likecurious, minimalist and, of course, spacious as my guide. What I want from this project is a place that presents itself authentically, with its own authority and warmth. Having witnessed how complicated business can become when we over-effort, my mission is to create something simple and resilient. It's like this with the creative process. Shortly after a collaborator friend of mine became a new mom, we had to confront the challenge

reasons to move

Dance refocuses our focusing mind on very basic existence - time, space, gravity open up to creativity. This seems to me a reminder of nature, of our natures, and as such it provides a service to us in our physical doldrums.  It's a wake up call to deadened urbanites, a stimulus to work-habituated bodies, a promise to developing children

art heals.

The heartbreaking events in Connecticut last week created a need in me to return to the core of what I believe about art's role in community.  I turned, not for the first or last time, to Lily Yeh's work for inspiration. If you have not heard her 2009 Bioneers talk, here is my offering to you. May you find solace in her compassionate and fierce dedication to beauty.

Full Moon Mojo

The dynamic and generous Ted Owen will be hosting an Open Drum Circle this Wednesday at Be Space.  Come play and honor the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!

lineage "Dance creates a certain awareness, and puts the power in the hands of the people." "Dance is the Mother of all the arts

Art Nest

It was a bit wrenching to leave the studio last week, knowing that it will be a full month until I see it again.  I feel a deep love and gratitude for Be Space as a container for authentic expression; and being away while it is just an infant is a poignant separation. Here at Esalen there are many containers for art and expression.  I am discovering what these can look like for others and how it is that we humans create safe and beautiful places for ourselves to bloom. I know that Be Space will be well-fed by my time away, and  I will be happy to return in November to help it (and me) continue to unfold.