My Silent Teacher: the past knows more than we think

We walked for days and weeks, past rampant wildfires in Montana and gridlocked interstates in California. We practiced Tonglen. We slept in cemeteries and on beaches, listening to our dreams and painting and dancing and storytelling our way toward something that could feel honest and real about our world.

Radical Love Story

Throughout 2019, we are being called back into love with our world and with each other. The situation on planet earth is dire, and the pain we feel is rooted in love. We would not be experiencing such grief at the plight of the forests, the creatures, and the climate itself if we did not on some level remember that this is also our plight and that we are, at the radical foundation of it all, the earth's own desire to live.

Asking Better Questions

I loved this conversation with Melanie Gurley on her Beautiful Astrology Podcast. We explored the ways that astrology can help to widen our sense of self and belonging as an antidote to the troubles of our times.And we discussed the New Moon Cafe online gatherings, where I highlight the collective themes of 'now' and offer integrative processes for exploring and working with the intrinsic qualities of our times and ourselves.I hope you enjoy this insightful discussion. It offers a thoughtful and meaningful way to engage with the zeitgeist of the time; only one of which is asking better questions!

Empower the Small

As humans, we have an evolutionary inheritance and vital function in the larger life of our planet Earth. Here is a snippet from the April 2019 New Moon Cafe to remind you of your beautiful and sacred contract. This is our time to grow more deeply dedicated and honest in our lives.

The Dreamfruit Flow

The monthly sections of Dreamfruit are designed to flow together over the course of each lunar cycle. Starting with the "dream from the future" at the New Moon and ending with a "ritual of belonging" as the month closes, this video shows how all of the elements flow together.

Dreamfruit Guided Tour – How it Works

Check out this Guided Tour through some of the basic features of this unique planner, along with sample pages from my own copy. This video looks at what makes Dreamfruit 2020 interactive, and how it's different from a traditional almanac.

First Look Inside Dreamfruit

Here is a look inside the pages of this lunar planner. As an almanac, Dreamfruit provides year-round information about the lunar cycles. In this video, you get to see how the monthly sections are laid out to support your day-to-day engagement with the wider cycles of life.

Introducing Dreamfruit 2020

Welcome to Dreamfruit 2020, an interactive almanac for radical belonging. Get the lay of the land and learn about the heart and function of the Dreamfruit almanac in this