Metanoia: dissolve the illusion

In many magical traditions, the initiatory process includes an encounter with a 'guardian at the gate'. Sometimes there is a toll or tribute to be paid before stepping over the threshold. We make a sacrifice and become uncomfortable as a way of signaling the psyche that deep transformation is afoot.

Reciprocity: find the glittering boon

Our most heartful offerings represent the embryonic evidence of a new world forming. Perhaps from our acts of courage and creativity, we can indeed gather the glittering boon for the journey ahead.

art by Kevin Peterson

2020: Creating Space at the Crossroads

This is the year we discover a third point in the equation--one that allows us to break out of the paradigm of us and them and either/or, and forge a path toward the collective and greater good. Now we can see with sharp clarity the unifying synthesis of the stories that have been playing themselves out

Welcome to Dreamfruit! (video guided tour)

See inside the Dreamfruit Almanac with a guided tour. Five videos explore the Dreamfruit flow, monthly spreads, how it all works, and all of the extras built into this magical tour of the year.

Stories of Awakening

I loved this conversation with Riza at Full Awakening! She has the gift & grace of diving into personal story to arrive at perennial wisdom. I hope you enjoy it -- and be in touch if it inspires something in you.