Transmission Moon: Choose your Teacher

image courtesy of Beth Lorio,

In the dream of the Transmission Moon, we discovered that we could once again hear and understand the songs and sounds of the earth. We found what nature we could nearby and returned again and again to listen, our hearts like cups to be filled.  

The listening required discipline and coordinated focus  – nothing was guaranteed. It took concerted weeks of quietude to free us from the noise of fleeting but fervent opinions. 

We trained in the skills, studied patterns and cycles, became discerning with our sacred attention, and wove new stories with forgotten names and ancient languages. 

And had we found the hidden teacher with its clear and striking truth?  Yes. Let the river lead you home. 

a twenty minute active imagination session to attune to the web of belonging
from the New Moon Cafe, February 2021

Please do not listen to this recording while operating anything complicated or fast-moving. The best way to enjoy this offering is to set aside twenty minutes for yourself and cozy up, light a candle and keep a journal nearby.