Refuge Moon: Dwell in the Silence

Sometimes retreating from the world can fulfill a profound service to it. Enter the silence in order to concentrate your energy and strengthen your inner scaffolding. What looks like stasis is in truth a very slow awakening. Watch moss grow and the sun rise — imperceptible but changing nonetheless.

~ Dreamfruit 2021

In the dream of the Refuge Moon, we had slipped behind the world and dropped beneath the Noise.

We faithfully trained — discipline and devoted study marked our days. Even with so much at stake, the urge to act was supplanted by stark and sober rituals. We simplified our days in order to recover the ancient patterns of life.

We were alone but together, creating new routines and daily oblations. Daily tasks polished even the most ordinary needs to a smooth luster. Meals grew more basic and the interior walls scrubbed clean. We gave thanks for water, sun, soil and moon—essential elements of life.

And was the silence distilled into the smallest key? Were the simplest truths the strongest?

Yes. Do not look up, but in.

Please do not listen to this recording while operating anything complicated or fast-moving.
The best way to enjoy this offering is to set aside fifteen minutes for yourself and cozy up, light a candle and keep a journal nearby.