Gnosis Moon: Adjust your Perspective

gnosis \’nō-səs\ n : immediate or direct knowledge of spiritual truth; often understood as personal insight into the inherently divine nature of humanity. Related to the study of knowledge, memory, and cognition.

image courtesy of Elise Crohn,

In the dream of the Gnosis Moon, we stood on the river’s banks as its waters flowed before us like a great silver serpent. With the trick of an eye, we found ourselves at the edge of the world. 

From here we saw clearly our planet home, a strange and jeweled spaceship shining in the vastness of space. We understood that we had this, each other, and nothing more.  

The soles of our feet grew heavy and delicate roots reached down, pressing and winding themselves into the soil beneath us. 

We turned to see ourselves in every face. From here we traveled together. 

And did the waters encircle us like a mother’s arms? And did She swallow her tail to hold us? 

Yes. Stand in the substance of We. 

a one-minute musing on the nature of contemporary neurosis and our call to return to radical belonging.
from the New Moon Cafe, March 2021.

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