Elemental intelligence

As human beings, we have the inborn capacity to be in direct relationship with the elemental intelligence of Fire. This excerpt from the New Moon Cafe, September 2020, invites us to consider ways to learn from this vital force of nature.

listening to the Fire

“Fire is a great, if harsh teacher. We ignore her lessons at our peril. Learn them, and we might just survive to make a less harsh, more caring and balanced world.” ~ Starhawk

Let empathy make you strong

In the dream of the Alchemy Moon, we gingerly step into the wounded landscape. The trees are burned, the soil is fragile, and sensitive hands pour water on the ground, letting empathy be the song of renewal.

Metanoia: dissolve the illusion

In many magical traditions, the initiatory process includes an encounter with a 'guardian at the gate'. Sometimes there is a toll or tribute to be paid before stepping over the threshold. We make a sacrifice and become uncomfortable as a way of signaling the psyche that deep transformation is afoot.

Reciprocity: find the glittering boon

Our most heartful offerings represent the embryonic evidence of a new world forming. Perhaps from our acts of courage and creativity, we can indeed gather the glittering boon for the journey ahead.