Tamara Gilbert

Portland Planetary Dance
with Tamara Gilbert

Saturday July 29, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
at Kelley Point Park

Join us for our 3rd annual Planetary Dance!

We’ll gather in beautiful Kelley Point Park, which sits at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers for a family friendly movement ceremony and BYO picnic.

Planetary Dance is a dance with a purpose. It aims to bring peace among people and harmony with the Earth. We each dedicate our dance to someone or something in need of support (e.g., a sick or dying loved one, a troubled species, a child facing difficulties, etc.) before entering the dance arena.

As people run, walk, or simply stand in a series of concentric circles we create a moving mandala. By dancing to the steady heartbeat of the drums, we become one collective body, and each step upon the Earth becomes a prayer for healing.

Planetary Dance was originally created in 1980 as a daylong ritual for the Mt. Tamalpais, California community by Anna Halprin, dancer/choreographer and early pioneer in the expressive arts healing movement. We are honored to continue the vision of this inspiring and potent Dance.

Click here for more details.
Directions to the park can be found here.

Advance signup is requested, $10.

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Tamara B. Gilbert is an expressive arts facilitator and communications consultant. A Brown University graduate, Ms. Gilbert earned her MA in Dance Ethnology from UCLA. Multi-talented, she has taught dance/movement for over 20 years and has earned numerous awards for her creative work in the field of environmental communications. Ms. Gilbert uses the holistic approach of expressive arts she learned at the Tamalpa Institute to help others discover more about their bodies and tap into their creativity.

Since moving to Oregon, she has focused on moving dance out into the community. She co-produced Portland’s 2011 Global Water Dance event and the 16th annual Dance Congress of the International Association for Creative Dance. This year, she is honored to co-produce and facilitate Portland Planetary Dance for the third time with such a stellar team!

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