Dreamfruit 2023

Cleverly disguised as a lunar calendar and guided journal, the Dreamfruit 2023 Almanac for Earthlings is an eco-spiritual travel guide that tells the collective story for 2023.

Our story begins at a moment when the living Earth has been imperiled, and our creative nature is rising up. As a traveler through the Dreamfruit landscape, you are an earthling-in-training on a journey to return to radical

The Dreamfruit story unfolds in thirteen enchanted chapters, told one moon at a time to reveal a symbolic map that guides you through the year.

…Comprehensive moon-based 2023 calendar draws the power of nature’s own cycles into your day-to-day planning.

… Astrological information includes the moon through the signs, planetary ingresses, retrogrades, eclipses, and more.

… Monthly journal prompts, creative reverie, and timely advice to awaken your deep imagination and inspire a regenerative future.

A trusted travel companion for your journey through 2023!

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Gorgeous necessity! This almanac—and the monthly New Moon call that goes along with it—are giant doses of sanity and depth of heart.
~ Melanie G.

I have loved this simple way of being oriented toward the moon, disconnecting from my phone and reconnecting with my birthright technology of heart, intuition, creativity and dreams. Dreamfruit has had a profound impact on the quality of my life through tough times, reminding me that I am part of a larger, collective and unbreakable story.
~ Susan M.

Affords a rich engagement with the structure of the year, rooted in animist, contemplative, and astrological wisdoms.
~ Dan M.

Community Offerings

The Dreaming Wheel

monthly enchantments & lunar zine

New Moon Cafe

monthly call and magical briefing

Dear Earthlings…

writing coven and lunar council