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It’s official, Be Space is moving!

We've shared over four years in our beautiful studio home, and now it’s time to take the next step together. Within these walls, we’ve grown a community with a range of needs and inspirations that all link back to the deeper purpose of Be Space - to cultivate presence and expressive freedom. Thank you for being a part of this ongoing vision!

Using Everything

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"] I continue to feel blessed by the remarkable gathering we shared last month. After culling through the photos and memories of this year's Life.Art.Being festival, I've put together a little recap to share with you. Enjoy! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_code admin_label="Code"]<iframe width="760px" height="500px" src="" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" style="border: none; max-width:100%; max-height:100vh" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>[/et_pb_code][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Extending the Truth Mandala

We are all looking for ways that we can change the spell and mend our world. For me, for now, my way is to be humble and honest about my blind spots around race, and to practice the creative means that I believe will help us turn the corner toward a culture of wholeness.

About that long silence…

Be Space is getting its director back, full time and full heart. Together, we are stepping onto the path of tending Be Space with all of the care and creative juice it deserves. Into the bold and uncertain future

A Meditator’s Dance Hall and a Dancer’s Meditation Hall

March 19, 2016 - March 19, 2016 211 SE 11th Avenue Map and Directions | Register Description:Saturday March 19th, noon - 4pm A Meditator's Dance Hall and a Dancer's Meditation Hall CDP Practice and reflection with NYC Play Pod and Barbara Dilley via the miracle of Skype. Beginning Origins- The dancer's meditation hall Middle Sangha- resting in and support End Village- how the practice goes into the world $30 or $60 for the practice if you are also buying Barbara's book This Very Moment ($40 retail at Barbara has requested that all participants have completed a short reading from her book (which we will make available to all who register via PDF), so please register in advance and online. Practice Session Limited to 15 participants. Register

Rare Birds at the Blue Dragon Ball

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it’s Dream Season – enter the Imaginarium

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" text_font_size="14" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid" saved_tabs="all"] “The imagination is not only holy, it is precise / it is not only fierce, it is practical / men die everyday for the lack of it, it is vast & elegant…”  -Diane di Prima The guest list for the Blue Dragon Ball is taking shape, and I can already see that we are in for an amazing evening. There are still tickets available, for exactly fifty of us all together. This is our rare & golden invitation to play and create together. Dreaming it up has been an inspiring blend of dipping into my personal well along with a bounty of synergistic moments with friends and co-makers. It’s hard to say what will take place. I am pretty sure that you can expect an evening that will feed your imagination and welcome your most delighted expression. Really, a night in Space with a blue dragon, pop-up unicorns, clowns and art-games?? What more could we ask as we pass through the gate into the dreaming season? If I were honest, I would tell you

how Allies hold Space

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] There are unseen forces at work — watching over us, respecting our free will, embracing us with love if we allow them.   - Jonathan Zap who is the Blue Dragon, and why a Ball? Much of what we practice at Be Space engages a compassionate observer. In Contemplative Dance Practice we call it the role of the well-wisher and onlooker. In Authentic Movement we cultivate an inner and outer witness. At Open Floor and other performance practices we bring the audience closer to us - dissolving the sense of separation and befriending the 'other' as ourselves. In all of our explorations we are making an offering to the seen and to the unseen. The day after I was handed the key to our new creative home at 211 Southeast 11th Ave, my dear friend Alouette and I brought in the first of many armloads of things to begin shaping the space into its intended purpose. Many allies have taken up residence at Be Space, but the Blue Dragon was the first among them. From its perch it has been witness to the full range of moments in Space - sacred naps, delightful surprises, musical